Not So Nice Nadia

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here are some pics of my co worker Nadia caballero that I took getting married to her creeper man Mike. I want to start by saying, this girl is a joke. Can you tell how her t*ts are fake and whats up with her jaw? Doesnt she looks SO THRILLED to be marrying him? It’s only because he finally asked after 7 years or so and 1 kid later that she agreed. No make that its because he convinced her that he was going to be so successful with his phone business called “S&M mobiles” and make a lot of money form it. Shes a gold digging lady who made a mistake because this dude isnt going anywhere in life regardless if he has his now phone company and now shes slooting it up on 4th ave and near the college campus. My sisters boyfriend has pics of her kissing some younger dude and is going to send them my way. I cant wait to see your reaction at work Nadia. Youre a fake, a fraud, a snob..and you think your hot but remember this….If your daddy hadn’t of paid for your +2s then no one would even give you a second glance. Am I right, Nik?

Her chin looks like a forehead, look at him staring at it wondering what he got himself into.- nik

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