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THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay, So lexi allison is a slut from north hills who sucks her little brothers dick for fun while she doesn’t have other dicks to occupy her disgusting mouth. She has 3 diseases, has fcked 57 guys and the number grows as you read this. She contantly has cm in or around her mouth and she can fit her whole arm in her vagina. She likes to pick up guys with lines like “wanna fck me and shit all over my face while i tongue ur butt hole” she also was born with a penis and whores around to make herself feel like more of a girl. this girl has more enemies then friends, and more bodies then a 50 year old prostitute. her penis really hurt my asshole. she thinks being a “playa” will bring guys to her attention but guys tend to stray away from girls whose vaginas look like chipped ham and smell like wholeys fish factory. when she was little her daddy raped her and smashed a pan against her face that’s why she looks like a pig.Till this day her dad still fcks her but its not considered rape anymore because she asks for it every night. now her and her dad are not getting a long cause she is to loose for him to fuck her anymore, and he walked in on her fcking her dog and shoving her gold fish up her fee fee. she’s obssesed with fcking animals and she’s clearly an animal herself… she loves when guys cunt punt her. shes needs to understand that the only reason people ask you to go to parties is to either a) make fun of you or b) fck you. She thinks she sooo cool cause she fcked t millz when he actually tried kill?**g himself after because he found cr*bs in his pubic hairs. stay away from lexi or else u might get raped by her dick and her vagina that hangs like a wizard’s sleeve.

Nice 6-pack.- nik

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