THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, if you live in Newport and go to our local bars like Sharkeez you have seen Christina aka Forhidden there all the time, black out wasted and acting like an idiot.  I’ve lived in the Peninsula for years and always see her out with douchebag after douchebag.  I’ve no doubt made my attempts to take her home with me but never with success.  She posted this picture of Sunday to show everyone what her man did to her on Saturday night.  She was all over twitter putting him on blast and putting his number on there so her “fans” can call him and talk sh*t to him.  Christina, you only have yourself to blame on this one, he probably hit you to show you how much he loves you.  Leave the douchebags alone, that is why you are in your early 30’s and still not married.

Now that looks real. Christina you need to call the police instead of asking for attention on social networks. AND to the poster, no girl ever deserves to be hit by a man… NO MATTER HOW CRAZY SHE IS!- nik