Nut Stained Panties

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Trish Bickell/ nut stained panties

Trish Bickell/ nut stained panties

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Okay, To be honest I am not a mean person. I do not like talking shit. I do not like starting fights. However, when it comes to walking std’s that are a possible health threat..I may have a few words. Her name is Trish Bickell, but goes by Trish Harris including on facebook. She has to change her name more than her nut stained panties. Only goes after married law enforcement, or any guy that is taken. In 5 shots or less you can rail her over the pool table at her job. She’s the local bartender at Luna Cafe in Granite City, IL. its a dive bar for druggies and trailer trash. She drinks a lot and starts most of the fights at the luna. She was even sued a while back for hitting a woman in the head with a beer bottle. What a classy woman lmfao. Shes known around town for her late term abortions. She has fake boobs and a weave, it falls out in dudes beds. From knwoing her….and yes I know her well…she takes AT the LEAST 2 hours to put on her makeup. In the morning she wears sunglasses to hide her face. BARK BARK!She loves emailing and texing your husband/boyfriend nudes. She’s covered in tats and has everything pierced. Wannabe Kat Von D. She’s divorced because her poor ex husband couldn’t handle her disgusting ways anymore. She’s gutter trash. In and out of the clinic…FACT! Slept with more men while in the process of divorcing, then the amount of times she slept with her husband, throughout the whole marriage. Can’t keep a husband, no kids, grandma grandpa support still support her. Lame non independent skank. Her own brother says he’s ashamed, can’t stand her, she embarasses him.

She doesnt leve her exes alone….threatens their wives and girlfriends. Shes 30 years old and looks damn near 40 already. Thinks she a bad b*tch but I’ve seen it with my own eyes her getting punked out like a little pu$$y. She thinks her shit dont stink and truth is she’s one of the biggest piles Iv’e met . She is a disgrace and no one can blame anyone for her behavior. SO this is a informative post on to watch your man and his wallet! lol.

Her ex husband got out before it was too late for him.- nik

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