Oakridge Robberies


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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is the guy responsible for the oakridge & metrotown apple store robberies! this fcking troll is none other than Josh Mikkelson. he’s locked up right now but in the event that he gets out avoid his ugly ass like the plague. (you might catch something). he thinks he’s a hardass east van kid but he is really just a fag from sperling-burnaby lake. he doesnt care who he’s with, he will sleep with any rotten pssy  thrown his way. not only does he accept swamp pussies, he also chases them. evidence of this is when he was with me he slept with SHELBY  LINDBERG, ASHLEY MENDIOLA, some fat chug named CARA and satan knows who else. he will tell you & everyone hes cheating on that you’re the prettiest girl he’s ever seen & that you’re the best he’s ever had. his equally ugly & creepy scumbag friends TENO MARTINEZ, SAM MASON, and SHELDON LINDBERG will encourage him to abuse you & cheat on you with whatever is laying around at the moment. not only is he a coke & m junkie, he drinks like a chug when he is actually a wetback. he is a pathological liar & will lie about ANYTHING & EVERYTHING. he doesn’t care if girls are only 13 or 14 or just ugly as sin, this 18 year old rapist will still hook up with them. he has a long history of cheating & forcing himself on people, even other guys. i just opened my sexual assault file on him yesterday! he emotionally, verbally, and sexually abused me for almost a year! he takes pride in the fact that he will sleep with any gremlin looking bitch & that he has the dirtiest, wartiest cock in all of the GVA. the most rich part is that if he didn’t have his E dealing ‘friends’ around, he would still be resorting to FB to find bitches. oh wait, he still does. LOL. he uses his fat riddled ‘best friend’ teno for alcohol & drugs he doesn’t have his own connections for. even though he is borderline autistic due to his nonverbal communicative disorder, he is an expert manipulator. he will get anything he wants through crocodile tears and lies. he may come across as exceptionally retarded, but don’t buy it for a second! no matter how stupid you think he is, he will ruin you. (with the help of his junkie friends). i was a virgin before i was with him & i regret EVERYTHING. especially first meeting him! that’s where my life went downhill, no joke!! nik, make the shit you say about everyone else sound like compliments!

Nice pepper spray tough guy.- nik

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