Obie At Large Again

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Well he is still at it!! This is AARON OBIE, a resident of Thunder bay but he’s actually he’s from Ignace, All them Ignace,Ontario guys who transplanted to other cities think they’re God’s gift, but that’s only because the Ignace whores all fall over with their legs in the air for any cock that walks including Ob’s! No wonder they all have to recycle men and swap partners! I just found out that he’s been dating me and his ex at the same time. Feeding us the same love crap, “i love you, your the one, i wanna marry you” blah blah blah. Also found out he took a girl home last week when I wasn’t there and that a week before we began dating that he slept with someones wife, so the husband smashed the windows of his house and put a knife to his throat!THEN I FIND OUT HE CAN’T MARRY ANYONE AS HE IS SECRTELY MARRIED! He plays a good game, he will use you and lie to your face. He’s had sex with almost everyone on his FB. All the guys at CP Rail they are gross and disgusting garbage and if your dating one that knows this piece of low life scumbag or works with him he’s probably fuking around on you as well. No wonder he was posted before! AARON OBIE What a piece of dirty,no class,sociopathic, manipulative work. Stayyyyyy far away ladies,

Mixing 2 out of date styles does not make a right.- nik

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