Ocala Floral Shop Owner Kelli Fuqua-Hart Is A Freak And A Narcissistic Sociopath


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik… Kelli-Fuqua Hart has been frequenting your site in order to falsely blast the women who her estranged husband Clinton Hart has slept with or is attempting to sleep with! The thing is… they both purposely leave behind a paper trail in attempt to make the next person jealous! She gets a wet p*ssy and he gets a hard Greg when they get a chance to confront the individuals whom they have invited into their lives! Kelli has two sides… Side one is the bubbly Kelli… the professional… the one that will give her last but ONLY if notariety is involved! Side two is: the narcissistic… ego-tistical maniac… bitter… jealous and anger filled Kelli! But Kelli is NOT a saint by far! Let me give you a lil run down… Just RECENTLY she f*cked this dude named Giovanni of Ocala, Florida in the back seat of a car at a Publix shopping plaza… Who does that? She also got pregnant and aborted her baby… she f*cked and sucked the Greg of Albert Roberts of Swamp people… currently an employee of Stokes Electric in Ocala, Florida… this was done ONLY so that she could get a slot on his show (attention seeking wh*re) she ONLY associates with people whom she can USE! Her husband is a sex feen and a serial Greg flasher… he blames it on genetics (LOL)… Honestly, WOMEN and MEN stay the hell away from these SICK individuals because they are out to make everyone’s lives as miserable as theirs! BEWARE!!! If you want to be f*cked call Clinton or Kelli Hart and they can serve it up TWO ways!  Click here to meet Greg.

Sounds like a fun couple.- nik

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