OC’s Lost Little Girl Named Kim

OC’s Lost Little Girl Named Kim

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl Kim – Riverside transplant when she moved to Tustin to be closer to her boyfriend when he didn’t want her – is such a sad lost little girl. Her and “G” have been on and off for years, they’re “on” times lasting 2 weeks max. Her most recent social media rant about him – in between her half-naked posts trying to be like Kylie Jenner – included her cutting up his clothes because he slept with well known Newport escort Jenna Charlette.

So what would any logical girl do in her position? Go to Vegas with Jenna to celebrate her birthday. And then who do we see in Kim’s snaps from Vegas? But Garett of course! 48 hours after she’s blasting that her dude paid for play she is hanging out with him. But that’s not the best part – the best part is when people try to talk sense into her for getting back together with him – she rants that it’s REAL love because Garett offered to pay $200/hour for her therapist so her “heart could heal.”

Dumb Girl of the Year award goes to ….. !!! He messed her head up so bad and she’s such a glutton for punishment that he convinced her it’s true love if he pays for her therapist. Give it 30 days and he will cheat again… and her naked posts will become more frequent.

Kim’s prison abdominal tats need LaserAway to keep the focus on the +2’s. I never understood why Riverside women need to be branded like cows.- nik


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