The Ol Ex

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me explain my best friends ex to you. SERIOUSLY one word… SLUT. The dirty ol whore claimed to be fuking some other dicks while in the 3 year relationship. But before I go there, id like to explain what this bitch did my friend. You all been there, remember that one girl who promised to never do that one thing, and then does it without hesitation? The lil cunt placed a harassment charge on him. This is where shit gets tricky, remember your old bitch and how shed do absolutely anything to be the “victim” of the situation…?Bitches. She would dig for the dirt to slap him with later in court. Anyway long story short he was released then sent back to jail for trying to return the stinky cunts laptop. He was trying to return all of her shit (no indirect contact at this time) as soon as he messaged one of her friends to ask if theyd pick up the laptop. They snitched! 3 fcking years, that shit horse… So I got to the thinking, behind my buddys back I decide to make a snapchat. Which of course I never shown her any pictures of myself. In fact I claimed to be some random model. The dumb bitch believed it… wait hold on, how fucking stupid do you honestly have to be to believe that some model is interested in you? Let me tell you something else, this all occured because he had reason to believe that her pussy was tampered with. So of course he bugged her , which led to an harassment charge…Bitch if your fcking him, and at the same time fcking someone else , he aint gonna be to pleased. Now thats a god damn fact. Niggas got the right to know! Before I get a head of myself; so I added the dumb bitch to snapchat. She starts telling me how she was trapped in this relationship (trying to make herself look better) BITCH! You were trapped?! Not one motherfucker held your head under water. She then starts telling me how many dicks shes had in her. And get this! Shes been banging my friend (her ex) even though they broke up. Keept him on the hook. So this bitch starts talking dirty, so I said fuck it, send me a nude! Let’s back track to the whole hesitation thing, this bitch is fcked, not a fck given, not a second to think and I had tities. And It kept going… At this point in time i believe her friends and family think Samantha collins is some angel. Well let me fcking tell you this Samantha Collins. You are a filthy dirty whore, you fuck with my friend you are going to get burnt. Victim you say? Let’s let the Dirty decide.

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