Olivier Racicot Only Wants To Sleep With You


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m just here to tell you about Olivier Racicot. This guy really is something special. He thinks he’s some kind of big celebrity chef because he was on TV once or twice, but he actually just manages a bar that serves fancy fast food (underachiever?) This guy is the biggest player in town. He’ll play up any girl by telling her whatever she wants to hear until she falls for him. He’ll tell you he thinks about you all the time (even while he’s f*cking other girls hahaha. What a lame excuse), he’ll make you believe you two ares oulmates. He’ll basically do whatever it takes to get into your pants. Once he’s got what he wants though, you’re history. He’s super sneaky and narcissistic and will not hesitate to go after you even if you have a boyfriend/husband/kids. But beware, he’s got no interest in you. He just likes the hunt. The only person he really loves is himself. He’s an obnoxious asshole who thinks he is always right, that he can lay his hands on whoever he wants and he’s got no morals. Funny thing is he has no balls either. He will never admit to what he’s up to and will never face his actions. He’ll just start ignoring you and move on. A real sleaze ball. You should never trust someone who is constantly making new friends. Beware of this douchebag. Does not want to settle down, does not want to make anyone happy, does not tell the truth. Ever. Loves to play with your emotions. If this guy becomes friends with you girl, keep an eye on him!

I wouldn’t eat whatever is on that tray. For some reason I feel constipated just looking at it.- nik

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