One Crazy Nasty Chick

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one crazy nasty bitch

one crazy nasty bitch

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Courtney Renee Yount from Lee Summit MO. Warning to all this is one f*ckin ugly girl, and on top of that she is f*ckin nutz. She does drugs and is just white trash!  She cant hold a job and is a grade a loser who wont go anywhere in life. I guess she goes to hair school and wants to do hair, but dont you think she should know at least how to do her own. I wouldnt want this ugly b*tch doing my hair. She also cheats on guys surprise because if I were her and actually had a guy interested in me I would not f*ck that up but I guess a h*e just cant keep her legs closed! I wouldnt be surprise if the b*tch had the herpe, I heard she already had the clap.  Also have u seen those nasty a** yellow teeth b*tch needs to learn to brush her f*ckin teeth. Honey a piece of advice go buy some white strips..o wait you dont have a job so you cant haha. Also the b*tch is crazy and needs to be put in the nut house, actually I think she might already have been.  She must also thinks she a model or something, she must have not got the memo that you have to be attractive to do that. So nik whats your take on this nasty piece of trash?

If her mouth looks like that, I don’t even want to know what the rest of her looks like.- nik

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