One Dirty Family

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The Dirty Family

The Dirty Family

The Dirty Family

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here we have a family of nasty gypsies. Where do i begin? well every single one of them gets a girl knocked up then is forced to marry them, & goes and cheats on them with all hoes, none of them finished high school so they buy cars off craigslist, use fake names, and sell cars for their living. They all think they ‘run’ the STL and post at quick trip usually on gravois. They all claim they have nice cars and so much money but their gas tanks are ALWAYS on empty. They keep their b*tches locked in the house while they get to go out and screw other b*tches, go to clubs, & etc. They’re controlling as f*ck and heard they never shower. They think everything they have is better than americans because they are gypsies, & still think they live in their f*cking country so they can tear ours up. They act like they are gay together and always pull out their d*cks when theirs a room full of guys and no girls. Alen f*cks any fat white h*e that walks, Dzemo has a baby momma and cheats on her all the time with ugly b*tches, Valentino has a wife & a 6 year old son, and goes around soco looking for h*es to fck. Jt has one year old son and lives in a beat down trailer with his wife, mother, & brother. He treats his family like sh*t & always f*cks 2 tons. The ugly mf in the second picture always moochin people for money but yet acts like he has more than everyone. He is 28 years old and hits on young girls. Better watch out STL we got nasty gypsies on the loose.

I hope they’re not related, that would make what they do real awkward.- nik

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