Oompa Loompa Cheesecake


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Oompa Loompa cheesecake

Oompa Loompa cheesecake

Oompa Loompa cheesecake

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, take a look at this cheesecake. This is your stereotypical Dale Boy here at the U of I. This kid Chris insists he’s not gay when in reality, he is the BIGGEST flamer in town; a purse falls out of his mouth every time he talks!! He even has a boyfriend. As you can see he suffers from serious tanorexia. The worst part though is how this fruit constantly brags about how much money he has, how his parents fly him around in his private helicopter, and how he got a nose job!! What straight man has ever gotten a nose job? Please tell me that. I gotta know Nik, what do you think?

Someone who flew around in a private helicopter wouldn’t have a pile of trash bags in their living room…just some forgy big mouth.- nik

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