Orlando Bloom’s Poker Face Isn’t Working

Orlando Bloom’s Poker Face Isn’t Working

Recently, Orlando Bloom and Nina Dobrev were spotted outside the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

After seeing the video, we hope Orlando doesn’t gamble … as he has no poker face.

While the paparazzi try to ask him questions, he tries playing it cool and not answering them. The only thing is, you can tell by looking at him, he’s definitely thinking about what they’re asking and it’s almost as if he wants to respond.

This is most obvious at the end of the video, as he’s walking up the stairs -finally away from the paparazzi- and still shoots a glance back towards the cameras.

While we can sympathize with how hard it would be for the cameras to be in your face like they were to him, at the same time … help a brother out, Orlando, and give the man an answer. Come on … we know you want to.


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