OSU Party Girl Is A Craddle Robber


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OSU Party Girl is a Craddle Robber

OSU Party Girl is a Craddle Robber

OSU Party Girl is a Craddle Robber

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Alyssa (or Aly) Richardson. First off, she looks like a man, second she’s 19 and still can’t stay away from high school boys. She graduated from Liberty High School, where she was already known as a sl*t, but now she’s still trying to cause drama there. She sleeps around and goes to parties every weekend, but not just with college people her age, but also with the freshmen at Oregon State and with high school kids. She can’t find a guy her own age, so she has to go for little boys. She’s dated a junior from her old high school, and been sleeping with another since he was a freshman. She’s gone skinny dipping with them, and probably taken them to multiple parties. This girl should be locked up. She’s a serious cougar-in-training and future pedo. Moms, please, lock up your high school boys, maybe even your middle schoolers.

Definitely a clinger, she knows guys her age would chuck her.- nik

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