Overly Flirty Girl Won’t Leave My Boyfriend Alone


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Overly Flirty Sloot Won't Leave my boyfriend Alone

Overly Flirty Sloot Won't Leave my boyfriend Alone

Overly Flirty Sloot Won't Leave my boyfriend Alone

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the blonde featured below is Lindsey Walt***, an overly flirty, slooty female who has been exposed on TheDirty numerous times from what I have researched. She has been calling/texting my boyfriend and wont leave him alone. I asked my boyfriend to give her a hint, which he did, and she still hasn’t taken it. I took it upon myself to do some dirt digging and have found that she has slept with NOT one but TWO guys who both had girlfriends. She was posted a few months ago for being accused of being a dirty sk*nk. Looks like my suspicions of her trying to get with my boyfriend aren’t too far off. She also seems to need some AA in her life since she is always pictured overly intoxicated or highly loaded. Oh yeah, she has a boyfriend currently so why bother with mine? If this doesn’t give her a hint, I don’t know what will! I get that you like Greg but why can’t you just leave the ones who have GF’s alone?

Lindsey, you have serious issues… stop being a man stealer.- nik

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