Paris Hilton Is No Leftover

Paris Hilton Is No Leftover

It’s been a long time since Paris Hilton made her infamous sex tape debut or had a hit single such as Stars Are Blind, but it warms my heart to see her returning to the spotlight.

Paris is now dating Chris Zylka, and stepped out on the red carpet to show her support for him at the Leftovers series finale screening.

While smiling for a gazillion photos, Paris showed she’s no leftover, and still quite capable of owning the red carpet. Also, it’s worth noting, for 36, she looks pretty flawless, even without having gone the typical Hollywood route of the +2’s.

In a world of too many Housewives, I think it’s time we usher back in the hour of resurgence for Paris Hilton. I, for one, am ready.

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