Party Favor Mackenzie L’hirondelle

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Many of you already know Mackenzie L’hirondelle VERY well. This slutty indian born and bred in A-Field is Edmonton’s freakiest party favor. She comes from a long line of scum. This girl will do anything for blow, and I mean anything and doesn’t care who it’s in front of. She also goes by her amateur stripper/hooker name Adrianna Dominique and pretends to not be indian. She should work on pretending to not be a whore. She cheats and lies on Kyle constantly and for sure now has herpes now that he keeps going back and forth between her and Teola. She will blow guys at raves and in bathrooms and will get with anyone’s man that is drunk enough. We all know how you are Miss Mackenzie and we all hate you, you think you’re hot but you’re just another used up slut that only gets attention because your tits and stank vag are always hanging out. Of course men pay attention to you, you are cheap and easy and will bang anyone anywhere. You have no friends because you are a thief, a rat and a lying, backstabbing, cheating whore. You keep saying you want to move, do it already, everyone is tired of you and your ugly face.

Did someone finally buy her +2’s or did she just get better at stuffing in the bottom picture.- nik

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