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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this bitch here is one of Pittsburgh’s biggest whores! Meet Cassandra Cormack. She used to be a prostitute tricking for opiates but got pregnant, had a miscarriage, and retired. You can find her hoop dancing with LED hoops at most summer music festivals, all fcked up on pills. She’s a pathetic piece of lying shit who always has a boyfriend and another guy or two on the side. She was fired from her last job for bringing guys into the salon where she was a receptionist and fcking them when the place was closed. She loves threesomes with two guys or a guy and another girl and has no problem with anal. Only six months ago she claimed this guy raped her, then a few months later she was going to marry him but then he went to jail. Last anyone heard was that she was going to go on the road with some local band and be passed around like the dirty little fck toy she is. If anyone sees this cnt, run the other way immediately! She is a little manipulative bitch. She’ll play the victim and make you empathetic for her. Then she’ll use any man for what she can get and move on when the resources are depleted. She wipes through men like water. And she’ll give up her blown out pussy and ass to any guy  that pays attention to her. Beware of this insane whore.

Where’s her beads…- nik

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