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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This chick is the lowest of the low lifes. The worst friend you can imagine. She is the high school friend a friend. She was in a bad spot in life so my friend invited her into her home to live with her and help her better her life. my friend fed her at no charge every day. she rented out a nice room to her, let her use a very nice bed to sleep on. She went to LA for a birthday trip and at the end of the trip – the eight of us split Hotel and Rental Car costs… costs that she never helped pay for – she just kept quiet in the background. when confronted she said she only had $20 left and couldn’t put up. while her friend and her boyfriend were out of town. Patty was told her DO NOT take their cars out as she wasn’t insured to do so. they even hid the keys in their room just in case. Patti went in their room – found the keys and took out their 2006 Nissan 350Z anyways. When we got home – i noticed the bumper was damaged severely, the hood was out of line and the fender was bent. they confronted her – patti’s story was she didn’t have $2 for bus fare to go to a job interview so she had to take our car. She said “it must have happened in the parking lot” after more hounding she said “well i took it to two interviews and a drug test.” she swore up and down that’s all she used it for. Later they found out through a mutual friend she took it out drinking. and hit a rock wall. they told her to move out of the house by the end of the month and she signed a contract to say she’ll pay back for the damages. She eventually moved out – and STOLE the mattress and box spring they let her use. she then ignored all their phone calls and emails and blocked us on facebook. other mutual friends said they see her on facebook still, going out, spending money, drinking, as if she did nothing wrong. she a dirty low life. she screwed over someone who she has known for over 10 years. she will screw you over too. she has no morals. she has no responsibility. she even collects food stamps. she’s a super cnt. she works at best buy in federal way. WATCH OUT FOR HER!

What a pain, sorry you had to deal with that.  Some people have no morals.- nik

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