Paul Ryan — The Dab Is Not Dead

Paul Ryan — The Dab Is Not Dead

Looks like the ‘dab’ will never die. House Speaker Paul Ryan kept asking Cal if he was “alright”. Fox News has reported that Cal is officially grounded for his terrorist action:

A newly sworn-in Republican lawmaker has grounded his son after the roguish teen tried to “dab” in front of House Speaker Paul Ryan – who thwarted the attempt.

Rep. Roger Marshall, R-Kan., was one of the new members of Congress sworn in Tuesday. But when it came to his moment, his son Cal – who was tasked with holding the Bible and standing between Marshall and Ryan – decided to “dab” for the picture.

And it looks as if Paul Ryan was really upset, holding Cal’s hand down for the second go around. Long live the ‘dab’.

Come on kids… it’s 2017. Let’s think of a new move… was never a fan of the armpit smell.- nik

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