Pedo Greenawalt

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THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik this is jeremy greenawalt..he is from latrobe pennslyvania and is the bigest most disgusting pedophile in PITTSBURGH!!! here is some dirt information on jeremy. HE goes after 16 year old girls, and lies about his age to them, he usually likes to tell them he is 22 when really he is 32!!…. HE will try to have sex with an girl he can, and then when the do he goes around and tells everyone and makes it his new topic to talk about for weeks. WHEN HE SHOULD be home taking care of his beautiful daughter, he is out partying and fcking sluts. HE also lies about having a daughter when young girls ask he tells them it is his niece.. all of pittsburgh need to beware of this steriod using pedophile. he will DO WHATEVER it take to get into our pants.. and when you start talking to him he will harrasss you for weeks if you stop and make tons of facebook posts about you just because he cant stand the fact he got rejected. his whole life is based on drama and its time this father grows up and acts his age. the police already warned him. hes gotten a few DUI and doesnt even have a license and depends on other people to pick him up so he can get some pussy…please nik give this guy some advice.

Bandana’s cover wrinkles.- nik

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