THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik… nik, nik, nik. This kid is the most DISGUSTING guy ever to reside in or around Chico. And trust me, I\’ve met a handful of pretty bad ones. Mr. TREVOR DEAN – paradise boy who tries to fit in with the cool kids. Trevor is not only the rudest, crudest, and most socially unacceptable piece of filth in the 530; he is also a woman-beating coke addicted manslut. I had the displeasure of knowing this f*cker for a few months, and in that short amount of time he f*cked me and my friends over in every way possible. He\’s got multiple DUI\’s and other felony charges, as well as a domestic abuse charge and restraining order – who from? HIS OWN MOTHER. That\’s right, this shithead actually beat up his mom. After trying to sleep with all of my friends, he ended up f*cking a couple of random girls in bathrooms, in cars, and basically anywhere he could get his dick wet – all the while telling them he wanted the \”real thing\”. He then moved in with a girl he was sleeping with, who ended up kicking him out for cheating on her with HER SISTER. He\’s also stolen thousands of dollars worth of shit from myself, my friends, and basically everyone else he\’s come into contact with. All girls in the 530 need to beware, Trevor Dean is crawling with DRD\’s and doesn\’t care AT ALL about spreading them. Wiping this kid off the face of the earth would be not only a service, but an incredible favor done to the female (or male, who knows) race.

Trevor needs help with life.  That is a fact.- nik