Pedophile Gabe

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Pedofile Gabe

Pedofile Gabe

Pedofile Gabe

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Gabe or Gabriel Sandoval/Mclements the BIGGEST creep ever!!! I want to put this creep on BLAST because i am so sick of seeing him hit up EVERY single 16 year old girl, In high school he stole from the nicest teachers and he has been to jail. he lives on the couch of his sisters apartment and he never graduated. My biggest problem with him though is that he thinks he is a player but he is a f*ckin pedophile! LET THIS BE KNOWN!!! im soooooo f*ckin tired of seeing him on facebook commenting on every little girls status. GET AWAY! your annoying. He even has a creepy voice and he preaches about how he hates drama but he is the biggest drama king ever! lameee *ss gabe.

Why are you ignoring that awful thing on his face.- nik

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