Penny Stone Has No Morals

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Penny Stone has no morals

Penny Stone has no morals

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I should have done this a long time ago but I thought I would be the bigger person. Now I choose not to care. This horrible excuse for a woman works at the Victoria SPCA. This is a place where you would think good things happen… Penny Stone loves to make people who can’t afford treatment for their pets feel like they are the scum of the world. My lab cross jumped out my 3rd story window because of blasting I later found out. I immediately took him to the vets where they told me nothing was broken, but he would probably need surgery. At this point I am a single mom with a 1 year old. No way in hell could I afford $10,000 for a surgery the vet told me might not help. I spent the next couple of weeks in hopes that something would change. My dog couldn’t walk to I had to carry him (80lbs) three floors down to go outside or to bring him to work because I refused to leave him alone again. After I couldn’t take it anymore my shrink convinced me to call the SPCA to see what options I had. I got the stupid b*tch Penny…she actually yelled at me on the phone, and told me I could be fined if I didn’t bring the dog right to her! This b*tch has NO censor. She thinks she is god to animals. I ended up surrendering him to the SPCA a few days later after breaking down and thinking I had no other options. If Penny had been there or said one effing thing to me I would have left. I thought the hard part was over, I thought they were going to put my dog down and that would be the end. But no, Penny decided to go on the news which she seems to love, and told Victoria that Buddie had been neglected and never taken to any vet…all this for donations to the SPCA. This stupid b*tch lied over and over again, even though they had all the info I gave them. When I went down to confront Penny over her lies, she wouldn’t even talk to me. This liar won’t even look me in the face! I have since gotten an apology from the SPCA and have talked to Buddies new adopter so I know hes doing great now and away from super c*nt. I am not the only one Penny has done this to. This is her thing to play god with peoples animals and make them feel as sh*tty as possible for needing help when they don’t have money. At the end of the day, I could have gone to the news and public and begged for money and I may still have my dog. I don’t understand why she is still working for the SPCA, also considering she has been fired from previous jobs for STEALING! Nik please put this b*tch on blast for being a horrible human being! And I have included some pics of her and MY dog!

On a brighter note, your dog is much better looking than Penny Stone.- nik

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