People Doubting/Questioning If Aaron Hernandez’s Death Was Suicide

People Doubting/Questioning If Aaron Hernandez’s Death Was Suicide

This morning, Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his prison cell this morning. Initial reports by law enforcement were he hung himself, but it seems that not everyone believes that the former New England Patriots tight end committed suicide.  In fact, people who were close to him are starting to vocalize their opinions, and they don’t seem to believe his death was suicide.

First, Hernandez’s former agent, Brian Murphy, tweeted out this morning that Hernandez would “never take his own life.”

Specifically, his tweet read that, “Absolutely no chance he took his own life. Chico was not a saint, but my family and I loved him and he would never take his own life.”

That’s not all, though.

According to TMZJose Baez, the attorney who just last week got Hernandez acquitted last week in a double murder case, claims the family is “devastated” and TMZ notes Baez’s family “does not believe Aaron was in a frame of mind to take his life.”

TMZ also claims that they have been informed that Baez thinks that “this could be a murder either by inmates or the folks who run the prison.” 

Stay tuned for more on this breaking story.

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