Pepsi-Head Malini Nair

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This girl Mal Nair is the definition of a disgusting bottle rat. The girl is a major pepsi-head and will go home with anyone who supplies pepsi/gives her attention, DESPITE THE FACT that she walks around acting like she is one of the “classiest” girls in vandirty and puts on an innocent act. Her whole family flaunts their money (of which there is not that much) and pretend that they are all going places. Mal is currently in Med School in the Carribean at a school which has virtually no requirements for entrance other then the ability to have a pulse, and which will not allow her to practice medicine in the US or in Canada. Her brother Aki thinks that he is the next “up and coming” DJ even though he is a talentless rat and has other people produce his music with daddys money. He brings Mal around to all the shows that he opens at and has no idea that his princess of a sister ends up SLEEPING with half of the main acts, such as R3hab. Put this pepsi-head on blast, Nik. She needs a serious reality check.

A med school with no requirements.  Sounds like a strippers backstory (just saying).- nik

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