Perfect Spot For This Douchebag

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perfect spot for this douchebag!

perfect spot for this douchebag!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I heard about this site a couple weeks ago and checked it out and I knew right away this is the site for this D-bag! His name is Don Mabon and he lives in Notre Dame, he has cheated on every girlfriend he has ever had including his current one who he lives with. He came back from Australia with an drd! I have no clue why she is even with him, we have tried telling her he cheats all the time but she just cant get a clue. I know for a fact he will fck over his best friends in any situation to get his dink wet. He used to date my sister and guess what he cheated on her too! If that fg wouldn`t press charges (I know he would) I would love to get the chance to give him a  down! So this is a warning to all guys who have sisters, friends who have friends, parents who have daughters…hell if you have a three legged farm animal, keep them away from this asshole! He will use and abuse. To his girlfriend- get a clue and a better guy, hes a usless tit. Do the world a favour and crawl into a hole man! Peace out Bee-otch!

A hole wouldn’t work, this fake suit would need a ditch.- nik

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