Perrey Reeves- You Can’t Just Sit Quietly

Perrey Reeves- You Can’t Just Sit Quietly

Everyone seems to have a political opinion these days, especially in Hollywood… and actress Perrey Reeves is no different.

Reeves shared her thoughts on the current political climate while appearing on the red carpet at the Children Mending Hearts 9th Annual Empathy Rocks in Los Angeles.

“If we can find something positive in what’s going on right now, it certainly has brought things out of the shadows,” Reeves stated. “It really- you can’t go a day without hearing about something and wanting to do something. To literally get involved. I think what we are now seeing… you just can’t sit quietly.”

“So let’s just hope that that’s what’s coming about,” she added.

While we don’t always feel Hollywood and politics should mix, Reeves definitely at least stated her points without bashing anyone, and that’s definitely deserving of respect.

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