PFW: Louis Vuitton – So Forgettable, I Want To Forget

PFW: Louis Vuitton – So Forgettable, I Want To Forget

I’ve been waiting for this. Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion week.

First, can I say Jaden Smith had the worst seat possible. He probably has no idea but they always give A1 to the irrelevant in the room. It’s a backhanded compliment. The fact that he doesn’t know this blows my mind. He should have left in disgust.

Second, the common sell was LV belts. None of the clothing matched. The high boots were cool, but the black dresses were not even slimming. There’s a reason why none of the celebrities showed emotion. They all were waiting on the next design, hoping it was something memorable. Even the bags sucked.

Third, can I just say how great it is that we don’t have to travel to Paris to watch these shows. I’m putting fashion in your lap. You would have wasted $5,378 on this trip. You’re welcome.

Grade: D+

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