Phoebe Price Warns Jackie Warner Will Come After Ya

Phoebe Price Warns Jackie Warner Will Come After Ya

Actress Phoebe Price was recently spotted shopping in Beverly Hills, California, and the subject of Jackie Warner came up… and Price had a lot of- well- rather priceless things to say.

“I knew Jackie really well,” Price shared. “And you know she is crazy. She told me that she was gonna turn me in. From the very first day that I met her, she told me that I was gonna be her girlfriend.”

“Well of course she did (offer me drinks),” she continued. “She drinks like a fish. I’m really not surprised about the whole Ambien and her driving.”
“She’s a great girl, but don’t piss her off because she’ll come after ya,” Price wrapped with warning.
While we don’t know too many specifics, we appreciate a celeb who offers some salacious things up to the paparazzi like Price did. We hope to see more of her soon, as we can’t wait to see what she’ll say next.

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