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Pill Poppin Stank A$$

Pill Poppin Stank A$$

Pill Poppin Stank A$$

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I give you Kayla Brown. SHE is not only a pill popping, k and c*ke snortin sl*t but she is also is a MOTHER. Of like a 6 year old little boy. The father takes better care of him then she does i can guarantee she has had threatens from SOCIAL SERVICES to take her kid away because she is so trashy. She always posts pictures of herself to her POF account of her in nasty *ss outfits, she is constantly updating her pics because she is so full of herself. This girl used to be so fat, she lost weight and now she thinks shes the gods gifts from heaven. If something isn’t ABOUT her then she goes out of her way to MAKE it about her. She’s nuts absolutely pyschotic. She comes across as this sweet sweet little nice girl, when really, shes a sl*t. I cant even begin to tell you how many nasty *ss things ive heard about this girl. i feel sorry for the next guy that she sleeps with. If the whole town hasnt already, because shes dirty and shes not the kind of girl a decent guy wants to end up with. The stuff she puts on facebook drives me f*cking crazy!!!! Always whining about how ugly she is. So all the guys comment on her status, how she thinks shes fat.. So all the guys comment. lLke seriously bitch, back the f*ck up before you get smacked the f*ck up because someone out there wont take you stupid crap anymore, and someone will finally tell you off. GET OVER YOURSELF!!

Glow in the dark facial tats will be her next investment.- nik

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