Pimping Out His Fiance


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Can you believe this guy? Scott A. Hogan, originally from Lee’s Summit, Missouri, started working at Cosmopolitan Strip Club (Now known as Legs Cabaret) in Knobtown, Missouri in February 2013. There he started to immediately sleep with the strippers, recruit these girls at the club, sells their sex videos, and get girls to work sex shows. One of the women he worked hard was Amanda Marie Johnson, his “fiance.” This admitted prostitute is seen in this movie having sex with a fireball bottle, shoving the biggest black dildo in her ass you have ever seen and much more. Scott A. Hogan’s own family thinks he is only a bartender and have no idea of what he is really doing until this last week. The owner of the club doesn’t have a clue either and would come unglued if he knew his bartender was stealing his girls right from under his nose. The owner is of course Italian, and well connected Italians don’t just fire people that steal from them. Thieves that steal from Italians often find themselves pushing up daisies or in a cornfield in Nebraska. This story is still developing as we speak. Now this video is going viral and is causing quite a stir in this sleepy suburb town just a few minutes southeast of Kansas city, MO. You must be 18 years or older to watch this video. People around here are in shock as the video shows exactly what kind of man Scott A. Hogan is and how this seemingly nice guy is actually a disturbing scumbag to ‘pimp” out his own fiance anyway he can. This video is graphic…Help this video go viral and continue to Expose Scott A. Hogan for the piece of sh*t that he is.

That bill looks bloody.- nik

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