Pittsburgh Trash What A Laugh

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Sarah V from Pittsburgh. She is the biggest whre this side of town! She walks around acting like her sh*t doesn’t stink. As we can see from her picture she wishes she could become a Playboy model. We all know thats not happening from the big gap on her chest between those two golf balls. I thought it would be nice to post her on here since she has something to say about everyone else. You can catch her at any club/bar standing right next to VIP hoping to get in somehow! Thats if anyone even knows her? She will screw anyone that will give her the time of day, so look out Pittsburgh this one’s for you! Hey Big Ben! here’s another ugly one to go after! One last question…Nik would you??

Your title is a laugh.she has no chance with a beak and refund gap like that.- nik