Please Expose The Marino Family

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Mike Marino, Dan Marino's Son The Homewrecker!

Mike Marino, Dan Marino's Son The Homewrecker!

Mike Marino, Dan Marino's Son The Homewrecker!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, his current girlfriend, Maria Huete was married when they first met and she filed for divorce a couple of days later, him being very aware of everything. The Dan Marino family has welcomed her openly, which says A LOT about the type of people they are. I hope they all get exposed for what they really are. She had just celebrated her wedding anniversary a few months before meeting Mike. She went from saying how much she was in love with him and he was her soul mate, couldn’t post any more loving pictures and thoughts to then broad siding him, telling him it was over. She was moving on, she had found the love of her life. From Monday to Tuesday. “Love of her life/ Come Up” And now I hear her saying the exact same things to Mike. I hope that this scamer is uncovered before it’s too late. Her new man has autism and she has stated how Mike, being autistic has made putting her claws in him extremely easy. Poor bloke doesn’t even get how ruthless she is. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her leave him for a baller who would be her next true love, that has his own money and will give her more fame. She has stated and I would not put it past her to go after Dan or one of his rich friends if they actually gave her a shot. She always made it clear that she was willing to do what it took to get where she thinks she deserves to be in life. PLEASE EXPOSE THE DAN MARINO FAMILY FOR ALL OF THEIR FILTH!

The Miami Dolphins really need to ban this Dan Marino guy from their organization.  Living in the past gets you nowhere.  Why worship a guy who has never won a Super Bowl?  Oh, and this new addition to the family doesn’t help.- nik

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