Please Help My Friend

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I found out about your site because you have been posting my good old friend up her for awhile, her name is Shelly D, you know her as Veins.  I use to hate your site because you had been picking on my dear old friend, but, after recently seeing her for the first time in about 4 maybe 5 years I think that you may be the only one who can help her.  When I knew Shelly she was nice, happy, she looked fantastic, she was a great friend, hung out with athletes/celebrities/classy people in town and always took the time to check up on people she knew like myself.  When I saw Shelly last she -A) did not recognize me -B) was clearly on drugs -C) had barely any clothes on, had one nipple visible and was one of the least attractive girls there.  From the short conversation I had with Shelly she has really fallen off the deep end.  I don’t know what has happened to my beautiful friend and I don’t know how to help.  Nik I think your the only one who will be able to give her an eye opener, please help my friend.  And please please don’t be too mean to her Nik she really needs the help, I’d hate to see my old friend shrivel away.

Well, she is obviously not eating and has zero respect for her body parts… check out the dudes hand placement. Veins don’t let guys grope you in public, it is distastefully and classless.- nik

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