POF Creep

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik, I met this guy on pof .. Talked to him for a few months I get a msg from some guy who I didn’t recognize right away on pof .. Turns out it was the same guy so I confronted him and he tells me it’s his friend boron but that’s not the only thing he lied about he came over we hooked up and as we were about to go at it again I go down to make sure comdoms still on and it’s off I freaked and I say wtf is wrong with u and he tells me he didn’t know it fell off .. Anyway more with his lies I Ask if he’s clean forsure because I don’t even know if I noticed I’m time that it fell off then he tells me he had cancer and gets checked every 3 month oh and I ask his name again because I knew he didn’t give me his real name since I found him on fb his name is actually Chris and not Vincent just watch out for this lunitic! And don’t worry I have already reported this incident to the authorizes.


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