Police Officer Child Molestor While On Duty


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik, my girl friend DVR’d you on couples Therapy and I have to say I enjoyed it, especially when you were giving sh*t to the child molester. On that note here is some dirt on this child molester cop that just got arrested: A Columbus Ohio police officer was returned to jail yesterday after a federal judge heard sexually graphic text messages exchanged between him and two 15-year-old girls. Todd L. Smith, a Columbus police officer will to remain in custody while he awaits trial on charges of coercing one 15 year old girl for sex and trying to persuade another 15 year old to produce a racy video and photo. He used his position of trust as a police officer since both girls were students at Centennial High School while Smith was the resource officer there. That means we were paying our tax dollars for him to hang out in the High School and hit on under age girls while he was supposed be there in case a fight among students had to be broken up or a student was smoking cigarettes in the bathroom. Smith encouraged the girls to send him nude photographs of themselves; evidence shows that each girl sent at least one photo of herself topless. When one girl said she was going to have sex with a Centennial High School teacher, Smith texted her to “tape it. I want to see you in action.” In another text, one of the girls suggested that she and Smith “Skype later and I’ll show you everything.” Smith responded: “Yummy.” Smith also told at least one of the girls that he wanted naked images of her to add to his “ spank bank,” a collection of photographs he kept to provide himself sexual stimulation. The FBI recovered 6,000 texts that were exchanged between Smith and one of the girls. She said FBI agents learned about one girl after her mother contacted an attorney. The second girl contacted the FBI after hearing news accounts of Smith’s arrest, assuming that the case involved her relationship. Court documents state both girls are concerned about their safety if Smith is released. In a text message to one of the girls, Smith said he would “hate the s—” out of her if she told anyone about their relationship. What a piece of work! Later Nik.

Sarah Jones, you read this?- nik

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