Pool Tricks With Anton


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Did I say Anton, Im sorry im sorry, its Antoniooo.  This dumbass Russian thinks it sounds better.  Dudes name in anton syd, more life s*ph, which he has, don’t ask how I know.  he is a male model though so, i guess thats a given.  So I was given the distinct pleasure of hanging out with this numnuts for a day.  I don’t even know where to begin with this guy, he thinks he is god, he gives his “Antonio, I’m a model you idoit” advice about everything, out of blue, he’s just a moron.  So I didn’t remember/pay attention to most of this guys incoherent babble, I did however remember his pool tricks, aka dick tricks.  I Guess its always important to be sporting a mini chub in the fashion industry, before we headed out to the pool he ‘gave me his advice’ and started rubbing on his nuts, he says you’re guaranteed a chick if you walk around with your swimsuit outlining your dick.  I wish I was kidding.  he said it worked everytime (I did not partake).  Shocker when he went back to the hotel empty handed.  Thought you’d enjoy dick tricks with Antonio.  Also, no surprise I found pics of his dick tricks on his facebook (I did not nor would not take a picture of a wang).  YnWnR.

This guy looks like a legend. I want to know more… I haven’t seen greatness like this since The Burrito or Frog.- nik

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