Poor Excuse Of A Mother


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Poor Excuse of a Sloot, Mother, Person

Poor Excuse of a Sloot, Mother, Person

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I proabbly have the girl that tops the cake, on the worst Mother, Girlfriend, and Person. Her name is Tessa Kenning from Stonewall Mb. There are some people in this world that should have never been able to have kids and this is one of them. All she thinks of her daughter is a meal ticket, how much is this child worth this month or how much do i need to party. And when shes out to party, all i guy needs to do is buy this cheap girl a drink and you could take her home for a good time. She loves to snort Pepsi in front of her daughter, and bring home nasty guys home. Just go to the town of Stonewall and all the men will say they have had TESSA KENNING FARM HOLE…Just beware when you see this girl!

Isn’t pepsi suppose to make you thinner?- nik

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