Porta Potty Looks… No Sex Required


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, been following The Dirty since I lived in Scottsdale years ago.. I am lucky enough to have not been submitted but have seen many friends submitted…back in the old “Cat Eye” days. You and I have spoken during your radio show and you gave me great advice on a situation I had with a girl…much appreciated.

Here’s my situation. I just broke it off with a girl who I thought things were going to go the distance with, things were good, she was getting deep in love, and I thought I was too. Yesterday as she was visiting me in town, she lives in Santa Cruz and I live in Dallas, I caught her going through my phone while I was asleep…..she found nothing….because there was nothing to find. I’m a good guy who works very hard, she has apologized profusely and wants me to forgive her but I think it is beyond repair. Here is where I would love your help.

I am fascinated by the “porta-potty” phenom. I am not rich but I had a trip planned for her and I in February to St. Kitts… obviously that is off. This is a trip that I won, all expenses paid 5 days and 4 nights…and I mean ALL EXPENSES PAID…they told me not to bring any money. I’m a good looking guy, smart and funny….I don’t want this other ticket to go to waste and have to give a name for the other person within the next 5 days. This isn’t a scam, I can provide proof that this was a contest I won…I simply just want to have fun. I’m not looking for sex, but would love to “auction off” the other ticket for whatever you would like to make it worthy for. Regardless of whether she and I get along…the ticket is hers. I would obviously prefer someone who is open to the possibility of dating, someone who wants to hang out and do the activities they have planned…travel is not an obstacle for me if we get along. I would hope that you could find someone for me that you would set a buddy up with, but am not opposed to it going to someone for whatever cause you offer it up for. It’s with a group (the company that I work for), so it’s not like just the two of us on a deserted island. Activities, airfare and food are included. Hope you can help a guy out that is Dirty Army Strong.

If any girl wants to risk their life to find true love please email Nik@NikRichie.com (include hot photo) so I can pass along your contact information to this Gentleman.- nik

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