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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, great site, I really like how it gives people a wake up call to make changes. This girl is called Leah McNally and she used to be one of the cutest, hottest little blondes you could have seen. She has really, really let herself go the past couple of years and its just really sad. She has gotten all soft, jiggly and flabby. She never does her hair up nice or wears makeup has often as she should.She needs to be a little less snobbish and focus more on improving herself and also stop being so obsessed with sports (there is more to life). Also wear nice clothes a bit more often and show off what you have. I know it was hard for her when she lost her boyfriend Mike Gillen but that was a few years ago now, she needs to let him go and stop putting him on such a pedestal. She has a better guy in her life now. He is handsome, strong, smart and she needs to hold on to him and improve herself. Anyway i wanted the dirty army’s opinion on what she could do to improve her physical appearance and get back to being as hot as she used to be. Hope you guys can help her

I’m failing to see the potential.  She’s big boneded.- nik

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