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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is William Willet (aka – William Howe). A local Cinci “model/actor”. All girls & women BEWARE of this PREDATOR!! He’s out for whatever he can get and drives around the tri-state areas of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky ,prowling for fresh meat while he’s on “shoots” or gigs. Alleged pedo bear charges in 2012 – youngest crush was only 15 yrs.old!, banned from 3 local area yoga studios for harassing instructors and female students,fired from his job at P & G for sexual harassment in 2013. A lot of local area photographers , models and artists are creeped out by this guy. He has a bad rep. Hes a sleazy con job , who comes at the ladies like a fake Prince Charming. When he thinks he’s got you, he turns into Mr. Hyde and hurls verbal insults at you and takes temper tantrums. Emotionally a six year old. He’s an abuser,control freak, self proclaimed Casanova, and lies about his age. He’s really 46 – not 30! Cyber stalks his exes , or “love interests”. Thinks he’s all that, but actually is a huge loser. This wolf in sheep’s clothing just opened up a “Modeling/Acting Agency” on Facebook , called “Modeling & Simulation.” Guess he needs a new way of hunting new female flesh over the Net, and is charging $10 per month to be a part of his scam?! Don’t fall for this fraud! It’s just another one of his crazy predatory schemes to make money off of innocent souls , and to stalk and use girls/women! This dude needs to be taught a lesson on how to be a real human being. Or get caught , which would help protect good people out there. Don’t fall for this monster disguised as a human being. You’ll only be sorry. He blames everyone else for the crap he pulls, and always plays the victim. He talks bad about everybody he knows. If he doesn’t get his way with the ladies, he stalks , harasses and smears them online! If you see him – RUN AWAY!!

That mask hides a lot a years.- nik

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