Pregnancy Troubles

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, last weekend, I let my boyfriend know that I’m a few weeks late, just as a heads up. We’ve had pregnancy scares before I went away to college, but he had always been supportive. We always use protection. We’ve been dating for about eight months now and we’re in a long distance relationship because we both go to different colleges. We have contemplated calling it quits before, just because being so far apart has been proving to be extremely hard, we’re both young and it doesn’t make sense for us to be “together” when we are apart 90% of the time. Well back to my problem, when I told him that I might be pregnant, he point blank told me that it wasn’t possible for the child to be his, that somebody else must have knocked me up. I have NEVER cheated on anyone before, I have always held the belief that if you really want to be with someone else, be honest and break up with your S.O. first. They deserve better. So he accuses me of cheating, and I assume that if I really am pregnant this time, he will not be sticking around. I don’t know what to do Nik. Clearly, my boyfriend distrusts me, and thinks I’m running around with other guys, and if I really am pregnant with his child, he will not be there for me. My boyfriend has proved to me that he is unreliable, flaky and ultimately does not trust me. Should I dump the bastard, or should I try to convince him that I really have been faithful? I trust your judgement seeing that you have recently become a father, maybe you could provide some insight.

It sounds like he is the one cheating and cannot live with the guilt so he is throwing it on you. My gut tells me you need to work it out. Sit down with him and make him realize that his new life is about to begin. This over the phone blame game is tired.- nik

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