Prey On Young Girls

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THE DIRTY ARMY: GIRLS WATCH OUT FOR CHRIS NORMAN AND ZACK RUSSELL!!  Him and his gross friend Zack Russell throw parties at their nasty apartments stocked with beer and drugs. Zack Russell loves to fck younger girls. (Hes 20 and “dates” 15 year old freshman in high school). He is currently dating a sophomore at Grapevine High School whose parents have placed a restraining order on him. He is a sick disgusting human being and needs to be put on blast! Chris Norman is a rapist. He throws parties and once a girl is drunk enough to be over powered or pass out, he goes for the chance to rape them. He has raped at least 5 girls in the Dallas area. Most girls do not go to the police out of fear of getting in trouble for drinking. He is a nasty . . He also dated a high school girl even though he is graduated and much, much older. Nik please put this team  on blast.

Makes you wonder what they do when they’re alone together.- nik

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