Prince Asswipe – Jake Favrow

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is the most manipulative, conniving, disgusting, excuse of a man I’ve ever known. He’s made one girl attempt suicide over him, had another girl abort his baby, and of course he’s been giving out drd to multiple girls since he got them after cheating. Sure, he’s tall, smart and charming to suck girls in, but he soon becomes violent and controlling and a using, lying bastard. He seeks out girls with issues and breaks them down even more. He’ll tell you that him and his current gf are having issues during sex or that he doesn’t have feelings for her like he used to and use you as his side chick. He always has at least 3 girls in his life at a time: a girl best friend, a wannabe gf, and a current girlfriend (oblivious to it all). He makes groupings of people on facebook that can only see limited info on his page and puts certain girls into those specific groups, so many girls don’t know of his other girls. He’ll lie and say his phone died/he didn’t have signal/he fell asleep and will have another girl over his house. He is very shielded and wont show emotions to anyone, so no one can get to him. He uses people for anything: his parents for their money, his friends to cover for him when he’s out with some slut, and his jobs to steal from. He’s a huge klepto and has stolen things from his old job a CVS many times. Most of the time he can’t stay hard during sex, and blames it on his diabetes. He is a worthless and the world needs to know! Beware of Jake the Snake!!!

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