Psycho Plastic Persian

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I know as her friend you know how crazy shadi is but I just wanted to warn you about how insane she is. I’m making a PSA announcement to ppl that know her so that what happened to me doesn’t happen to anyone else. She works at multiple strip clubs, her friends are all ‘escorts’, she still deals with Carlos who she herself told me is a cke dealing cke addict who used to pimp and even roofeed girls, shadi has his name tattooed on her butt. It’s really sad.  I got into a normal ‘friends’ argument last night and she threatened to send Carlos to my house…wow. Then today instead of just coming to pick her things up, she brings Lauren Beckley and her Eminem wanna be boyfriend who thinks he’s a gangsta to my house and they are banging on my door. I’m not scared of either of them. I’m arguing with Shadi who is sitting in her car smiling while her trashy hood rat friends argue with me and dude threatens to hit me. And then says he’s going to send someone to burn my house down and rape me….wow, while shadi’s smiling. She waited til she was driving away to talk trash. She’s seriously mentally ill. I go to therapy for depression and anxiety but she needs anti-psychotic meds. Be careful girl. She is delusional and is phony. Oh and just to be a bitch I’m telling everyone how she recently spent $30k on getting her nose re-done, getting her breasts done, full body lipo, and a chin implant LOLOL.

30k! what a rip-off, she’ll still needa have it re-done.- nik

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