THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I’m part of the best social network ( and Pucker made a video because she is an idiot and deleted her account and obviously being the man that you are you are not allowing her back in. Have you seen this video, she calls you all mighty GOD.

Listen, the best way to describe this secret society is Disneyland on Crack. I didn’t kick Pucker out, she sent me this email and deleted herself. I might give her another chance… on the fence. What do you think?- nik

EMAIL: Sorry I deleted my DA account, I really had fun on it ! IT is nothing personal it was amazing, I just think the fact some one who has been on the site for a month and most people have no clue who it actually is or what they did compared to my two years and not being reconizged under categories is kind of a slap to the face, if it was due to being naked, no offense but I think I have seen a few dicks shoved in Leper. Enjoy, I am still DA strong, perhaps I could just be a normal person on the site. XOXO.