Queen Of Crazy


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Queen of CRAZY!

Queen of CRAZY!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ashley Smith, and with the amount of people in this city and other places across the country who wish she disappeared, I am surprised to see she hasn’t made her way to the Dirty yet. With that said, this chick is hands down the dirtiest girl I have had the misfourtune of meeting. Not only does she sleep around, but the crazy bitch will talk on the phone with her ex(3 years ago..) while being railed by some dude..yet that doesn’t phase her equally crazy boy-toy Brandon Klimchuk. He still manages to find her hole to shove his dick into! This crazy has made out with her best friends man infront of her and sends pictures of her nasty vag out to coworkers.. Ashley is seriously beyond crazy, she will stalk her “boyfriend” and has gotten herself barred from local bars around the city in his honor.  She has a wild history of destroying vehicles of anyone her “boyfriend” talks to! Between her and her beau Brandon, they have slept with MORE than half of Medicine Hat. Men and women alike should be afraid even to breathe the same air in fear of catching some sort of infectious disease these two sloots are carrying around in their pants.

Hows that green thing holding that glass?? magic…- nik

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