THE DIRTY ARMY: Well nik here we are, Rachel Attich. Now dont worry, there is really nothing to be jealous of. So please, before you comment and say someone is jealous, just take a quick look at how she looks. This girl acts like she is God’s pure gift to the world, and especially men. She’ll always send a nude to you if you give her enough attention, which would be a simple “hi” even. When you want a classless girl, you know where to hit her up. She’ll probably even f*ck you after meeting you the first time. All she does is sleep with men, regardless if they’re in a relationship OR married. Its sad how she’ll never be loved by anyone for the rest of her life. Pittsburgh’s “most attractive” girl is also one of Pittsburgh’ “classiest” girls. (Hint the obvious sarcasm.) Please, stop giving her attention and making her feel like she’s hot, she is clearly not. What do you think Nik? Do you enjoy those rolls?

Looks like her make-ups running down her neck.  She forgot to photoshop that out.- nik